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Come one, come all, to our lovely town. Just don’t go out at night. 

Welcome visitors to our little slice of the internet. We’re a small town with a big heart. We love the strange and invite anyone who is considered to be a “freak” or “outcast” by society to consider calling this town home, or at least paying us a visit. 

Have a stay at Motel 66. It’s pay by the hour, but the staff will have you grinning in no time. It is located conveniently by our historic diner that will keep your stomach full of tasty morsels. 

Speaking of food, take a tour of Doc’s Farm, our local organic food source. Just don’t stare too much at his teeth or fur, he gets a bit ornery about that. 

More into the arts? Visit the Agnes Theodora Johnson Art Museum and have a gander at all the lovely pieces that have been collected throughout the years. They have a Rembrandt exhibit that is to die for. 

After a day of art and scenic tours settle yourself down at McTafferty’s, our oldest business. Have a drink at this authentic Irish pub.

Explore our site and have fun learning about our little town in the mountains. Our local historian, Tyler Patrick, has been kind enough to share some stories for those that are interested. Have fun and be safe.

Sincerely yours, 

Mayor Cornelius Johnson 

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